Reese Rose Design
A Telehealth app designed to increase the LGBTQ+ community's access to safe medical providers.
  • Role
    Product Designer
  • Duration
    Three Weeks
  • Tools
    Figma, Zoom, and Maze
Mediqueer is a queer-friendly telehealth iOS app that introduces LGBTQ+ patients to a community of their peers and affirming healthcare providers, and helps them get the quality of holistic medical care that they deserve. This speculative app design features a personalizable health dashboard, a questionnaire that matches patients with a compatible healthcare provider, and community-reviewed doctors that are held to a high standard of equitable care.
In the LBGTQ+ community, three main obstacles continue to prevent access to equitable health care: institutional poverty, isolation, and ignorance. A 2019 study of LGBTQ+ adults run by NORC AmeriSpeak revealed that approximately 3 out of 10 LGBTQ+ Americans struggled with accessing necessary medical care due to financial insecurity. This study also revealed that a whopping 1 in 3 transgender patients needed to educate their doctors about their unique needs in order to receive adequate care. Additionally, of the estimated 10 million LGBTQ+ people living in the United States, approximately 1.5 million of them have reported delaying or even foregoing medical treatment altogether due to discrimination.
Some healthcare services meant specifically for LGBTQ+ folks offer alternative payment plans to combat their users' vulnerability to poverty. Unfortunately, these services are not widely available, leaving many Americans in need.
To get a better understanding of the healthcare issues plaguing LGBTQ+ Americans, I conducted a survey and interviews. All of the interview participants said that they rely on other LGBTQ+ people for recommendations for doctors, therapists, psychologists, and other gender-affirming providers, and 95% said they would prefer to always work with a queer-friendly doctor. In response to this, I created access to local queer communities, financial wellness information, health articles, and more helpful resources from the home screen via the Resources tab. I also designed the Get Matched feature to make it easy to find a doctor by answering a "yes" or "no" questionnaire about patient's preferences.
Mediqueer provides access to local queer communities, financial wellness information, health articles, and other helpful resources. The Get Matched feature lets users swipe through a series of lifestyle questions to find their ideal practitioner.
The increasing popularity of telehealth due to the COVID-19 pandemic is an opportunity for LGBTQ+ patients in all areas of the country to gain remote access to affirming medical providers. 85% of Americans own a smartphone, while only 77% report owning a computer in 2020. Through Mediqueer's in-app appointment scheduling and provider reviews that maintain a high community standard, LGBTQ+ patients across the country are offered equitable healthcare anywhere they can find an internet connection.
If given the opportunity to make this project a reality, I'd like to partner with organizations like the LGBTQIA+ Health Education Center, Fenway Health, and the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association. Partnering with groups like these would help secure funding for the further development of the app, build a network of LGBTQ+ friendly medical professionals, and facilitate a scholarship fund for aspiring healthcare workers who identify as LGBTQ+. With more of these people in the workforce, more patients will be treated by doctors who offer accessible, friendly, and well-informed healthcare.
Reviews from other Mediqueer users hold doctors to a high community standard. Scheduling appointments and filling out paperwork takes just a few taps and can be completed without having to call an office or spend hours on hold.
Mediqueer creates a sense of holistic community for its users with local health resources, secure and private instant messaging, and community-driven doctor reviews. Mediqueer's partnership with organizations that offer scholarship opportunities to LGBTQ+ healthcare students will provide long-term solutions to the barriers that prevent healthcare equity.
If you have any questions about this project or any of my other work, please don't hesitate to reach out at
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