Reese Rose Design
About Me
Long story short: I played a lot of Neopets (and the flute), and now I'm a designer.
I've played many roles throughout my life. Professional flutist, cat mom, psychedelic rockstar, Zumba® instructor - if you can name it, I've probably done it.

These life experiences have helped me discover the role I was always meant for: a product designer with a passion for creating meaningful and accessible products.
When did you start designing?
When I was twelve, I began accepting commissions for custom user and pet pages on I was paid in neopoints of course, but I loved the challenge of teaching myself to code and come up with creative designs.
What happened next?
For the next thirteen years, I was a professional classical, jazz, and psychedelic rock flutist. The experiences I had in the music industry helped me grow into a disciplined and collaborative artist, but left me looking for more.
Why did you come back to design?
I wanted a career where I could make a bigger difference in the world around me. Days after completing my graduate degree, I enrolled in a product design bootcamp to make that desire a reality.
Upon completing the program, I started helping a variety of nonprofits, startups, and small businesses improve the user experience of their websites and mobile applications.

I'm currently working with RubiconMD to make high-quality specialty medical care accessible to everyone. To sum it all up:
My goal is to improve the world around me, create meaningful solutions, and design products that make a difference.
Have a project in mind and need some help?
Shoot me an email at
Have a project in mind and need some help?

Shoot me an email at